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Thread: Another Black Ops Search And Failer (Help with bad mod)

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    Another Black Ops Search And Failer (Help with bad mod)

    Well I looking for some assistance with my mod...a while back I had successfully modded my Wii and everything was good. (I was using a modded 42U) When Black ops came out I attempted to play it but it wouldnít work so (and here is my big mistake...) I found a site that has a video on how to update your wii but said to downgrade my firmware first. (I know stupid move...)
    Well I followed the steps to downgrade to a lower version and this is where everything went wrong for me....using boot mii I was to remove and add stub ios as per the (too stupid guys site). Well my unit froze and I was forced to reboot. When I tried to use boot mii again it would freeze when it ran a system test on ios36, and I even tried to apply my back up but no luck with that (the program says itís corrupt...not good at all!). It looks like I did a partial brick.
    Well at this point I wasnít able to play real games so I decided to take the update to 43U and now my unit plays real games again, but not backups. As well I still have the Homebrew channel (the latest version was installed before I screwed up my Wii).
    I believe Iím still missing a few ios, but Iím not sure what ones as I donít have a list to compare it to. And I would like more info before I try to update my Wii again. Do I have to use the game mod to apply the mod again or just change the ios need to play backups? I would really appreciate assistance from seasoned modders so I donít brick my unit.

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    Congrats, you failed to follow our guide (you DO know we have a guide on this, right?) Time to resoftmod with mauifrog's 4.3 guide --- which does require one of four original/retail games in order to do so.

    Another Black Ops "oops" thread closed.

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    Since you have HBC installed, you will not need a game exploit. Just follow my guide below and use the method for HBC. Do everything, from start to finish.
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