Ok, first of all I'd like to thank ppl who are maintaining this forum -- there is a lot of usefull information here. Sadly I'm a total Wii newbie, never had a chance to actually play or see a Wii console in real life. (Like I live in a cave lol)

Imported one of those 25th Mario Anniversary Wii Bundles for holidays. I assume it comes with 4.3U System Menu on it. I had some reading before shipping because I wanted to run homebrew so I've ordered a copy of Indiana Jones Original Adventures NTSC game as well... however I missed the fact the the power standards are different in the USA. I thought the PSU was universal voltage like PS3 has, but sadly it's just 110V AC Input with 52W.

As I reside in Europe I've decided to get a EU power brick for the wii for a couple of bucks, and it was kind of stupid of me to order from China (just because it had a regular rounded EU 2-pin plug, opposed to others having UK plug which doesn't suit my wall socket) as it will be taking like three weeks to ship now ...

Meanwhile at my household I have a AC-AC stepdown voltage converter 220V -> 110V with a US type female plug on it, apparently I can just stick the Wii's PSU into it and of it goes. But the stepdown converter is only 45W, when the Wii's PSU says it's 52W.
I did some reading ... again... and it appears that Wii actually uses twice less the power the PSU can handle.

So, am I safe to use this 45W step down converter as of now, while I wait for the EU power supply to come from China?

Oh.. must resist temptation ...

Thanks in advance !