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Thread: error 002 and error 001

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    error 002 and error 001

    hi i am pretty new to this stuff so forgive me if i am acting a bit dumb. i have softmod my wifes wii using softmod for dummies but could not play some games so i had a go with dogeggs one from here all went well but i still have the same issue.
    if i use the wii backup launcher i get error#002 or if i use the neogamma channel i get error#001. i am on 4.1e cios249 rev17. the neogamma says that my cios is rev 10 and to update to rev 17. i am not sure if this is enough info but any help would be brill. thanks

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    To fix error #002, enable the error #002 fix in the loader.

    Error #001 is really old and outdated. I'm surprised to see that someone would encounter this problem ever again.
    I don't understand it, though, as you say you have cIOS38 rev17, which should fix error #001. Perhaps you could try to re-install it.

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    hi thanks for thr reply. i have tried to enable the 002 fix in the backup launcher and neogamma options but its not there and i have used the cIOS38 rev17 installer in hbc a few times but makes no difference. thanks again

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    the 002 fix is built into the cIOS

    [SPOILER="cIOS changelog"]+-----------+

    [ CIOS38 rev 17 ]:

    - DIP plugin improved (some code has been rewritten).
    - More error 001 bug fixing.
    - DVD+DL bug fixed.
    - FFS plugin fixed.

    [ CIOS38 rev 16 ]:

    - Error 001 bug fixed.
    - NSMB proper fix added.

    [ CIOS38 rev 15 ]:

    - DVD+DL support fixed.
    - DIP plugin improvement (NSMB may work a bit better).
    - ES plugin optimized.
    - FAT module bugs fixed.
    - FFS plugin bugs fixed.
    - EHCI module optimized.
    - Fixed bug in Installer.
    - Miscellaneous changes.

    [ CIOS38 rev 14 ]:

    - Support for games with new error 002.
    - DIP plugin updated (cover commands emulation fixed).
    - ES plugin updated.
    - FFS plugin updated.
    - EHCI module improved.
    - SDHC module improved.
    - FAT module improved.
    - Implemented new anti error 001 system.
    - Anti error 002 system removed.
    - NAND emulation system added (from SD/USB device).
    - Content override system added (from SD/USB device).
    - System Menu support (Disc Channel works again).
    - Installer support for cBoot2.
    - Installer support for all IOS.
    - Some bugs fixed.

    [ CIOS38 rev 13 ]:

    - Read speed improved.
    - EHCI module improved.
    - SDHC module improved.
    - DIP plugin improved.
    - ES plugin updated.
    - Implemented new system anti error 002.

    [ CIOS38 rev 12 ]:

    - Based on IOS 38 v3610.
    - Support for consoles with serial number LU64+
    - Error 001/002 patching system improved.
    - Cover check patch added (thanks to sorg).
    - EHCI module improved (thanks to Hermes).
    - SDHC module improved.
    - DIP plugin improved.
    - ES plugin added.
    - FFS plugin added.
    - Some patches fixed.
    - Misc improvements and fixes.

    [ CIOS36 rev 10 ]:

    - Some modifications in DIP plugin.
    - SDHC module added (thanks to WiiGator for the help).

    [ CIOS36 rev 09 ]:

    - EHCI module made by kwiirk added.
    - Support for USB mode in DIP plugin.
    - Removed NAND permissions check.[/SPOILER]
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    hi just tried wanikokos cios installerbut its still the same

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    one other thing i softmodded another wii which was on 4.2e and that now works fine it even plays the games that ive been trying to play on my wifes. so i know the game works. so should i update my wifes to 4.2 or would go to 4.3 and then try the soft mod. sorry if i am sounding like a right dunce but i wont know unless i ask. thanks loads more. cheers.

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    problems with some games

    hi to everyone. i guess by the lack of reply that i have either annoyed people with my previous post as being stupid, me being an idiot not knowing what i should be doing or nobody knows how to help, any reply would be good even if it is to say that its me doing something wrong. thanks again.

    hi to all. help please i am a pretty much a newbie and i have posted something about this before but managed to fix the issue so here goes again, i been having problems with softmoded wii that were below 4.2 they would not play some new games giving me the error #002 this has happened on two of them but one i did which was on 4.2 will play these same games without a problem. i have used two different methods to do these as one said it was only for the 4.2 wii. any ideas PLEASE.

    Edit - sorry i have NOT fixed the issue
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    I also merged you threads because there is no need to make y-a-t on the same topic

    How are you loading the games? Via usb or disc?

    In a usb loader you can switch the error 2 fix on in the game settings.
    Get the latest version of neogamma that has the error incorporated in the later revs if loading from disc.
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    hi thanks for the reply and housekeeping. i am trying to play discs and i have tried to update neogamma but i cant find how to do it or where to get the stuff thats needed, i thought all i had to do was install the channel but thats not as i thought. when i try to use neogamma it says i am on ineogamma r9 os249 rev 10 and to update to rev 17. i must be a right div. lol.


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