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Thread: wikey 2 or fusion

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    wikey 2 or fusion

    really simple question i have wiikey 2 on my system works just fine for me / my friend wants to hard mod and i see the fusion is the newest chip / so is it better then wii key 2?

    which one is going to be better
    i will make backups on dvd
    i see a lot of people having trouble with fusion

    whats the up and down side to these mods??

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    If you have a wii with the D3-2 chipset, you can't use the wiikey2 anyways. The D3-2 drives don't read backup discs. You need a modchip that has hardware based disc emulation like the wiikey fusion or similar.

    which one is better? neither, that is a matter of preference. You want to burn new discs every couple of months or just swap ISOs on a SD every couple of months.
    backups on DVDs? see first line.
    lots of people having trouble? Most people that got it to work, why post that you got it working when everyone else might thinks it is gloating or something.

    If your wii has a firmware of 4.1 or lower, it works like a charm if you get past installing it correctly.
    No more trips to the store for blank DVDs. (wiikey fusion)

    Wiis with firmware 4.2 and higher require softmodding as well just to use the hardmod
    Now has same softmod issues playing any new game on top of any hardmod issues with the game if any. (wii firmware 4.2 or higher)
    Some homebrew messes up the use of hardmod (wiikey fusion), ie wiigator hijacks the drive so you can't load anything.
    Installing wiikey fusion is a pain if you screwed up somewhere.
    Using slow SD cards might make you feel like your in Game Loading hell. (wiikey fusion)

    There is probably more. When you install a hardmod, take the time to look what drive you got. Your wasting your time if your using a website to guess your drive if your going to open up the wii to install a hardmod.

    Here is how:


    Simple question normally have complicated answers.

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