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Thread: New game wants to upgrade Wii menu

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    New game wants to upgrade Wii menu


    Got a 4.2 softmodded Wii and just purchased 'Michael Jackson: The Experience'. The leaflet says that the first thing it does is to upgrade the Wii Menu to the latest version. How should I proceed?


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    You need to install priiloader and block online and disc updates with it.
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    Do what becksterorange said. If the game freezes after booting, you'll need to follow this guide.

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    if you allready have priiloader turn wii off then press power hold reset untill priiloader comes on go to system hacks enable block disc updates and enable online updates then go down to save and your done
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    Same here, I am running 4.2U and fully updated. Disc will not recognize. This is an original DVD. Onlly this new title so far though, whats next?


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