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Thread: d2pro stopped reading all discs HELP PLZ

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    d2pro stopped reading all discs HELP PLZ

    I fitted a D2e pro on a wii clip ages ago maybe 2 years ago in fact and its been ok. Then this week it suddenly wouldn't read all discs originals and b/ups it nothing shows on the main menu. I tried Black Ops which has been working fine and it got as far as loading screen where it froze the wii which needed un plugging to restart. Took it apart and you can see the red then blue flash on the chip which is normal from what I remember but the drive doesn't spin up long enough just a second or two. There is no inching or anything. The only update that was done lately was the IN GAME one in black ops.

    Anyone give me something to test or whatever cheers.

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    Probably coincidental (there's a guide on this game btw by Krank and includes hardmodders). Perhaps it's time to invest in a lens cleaner to rule out something simple? If you're a heavy disc user, it could be your laser is kaput.

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    Cheers just been doing a bit of googling. WOW things have changed since i last looked at wii hacking I see you can get an internal hard drive (sundriver) now like I have in my old xboxes I might go down that route instead of messing around.

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    Same here!

    So I have the same problem. I've a d2pro 9-wire on a wii clip that's been working for a couple of years no problem. Then it suddenly stopped reading ANY disks, copies or originals.... I'm not sure if it coinsided with updating to v1.8 or if I put 1.8 on to try and fix it; it's an order of operations thing - never been good at the details.

    Anyway, I swapped DVD drives and that didn't fix it. If I pull the wii-clip out it works great. I've tried re-seating it, making sure it's an authentic wii-clip, checked the d2c chip on the system; it's all good.

    I'm about to down-rev the d2pro to 1.7 to see what that does. I've also ordered a WODE but would like to get this d2pro working again just because.

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    Hi Rdpierce, Not sure what version I have it might be 1.4 as I havent updated the chip since I fitted it. Are those WODES any good not sure whether to get that or the sundriver. They look like my old xbox where you could back up from disk to hard drive all on board no pc needed.

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    I've the version 2 of the clip; it worked great for a couple of years and then just stopped... I think the contact pins on the clip expand over time with heat and just don't make a good contact any more.

    As for the WODE (and I'm sure I'll get flamed from WODE lovers for this) the jury's still out on that. I've got it installed, but it's not quite what I expected... I was expecting something like the old xbox used to have when you copied games to the hard drive; a list of games on the screen that you scroll through and viola, you're in the game. Currently, you use the joystick on the WODE to navigate to the list of games and select one from the LCD panel... that may have changed in the latest firmware, but not that I can find.

    The WODE won't play games that have been patched/scrubbed like a modchip will let you do, there's a LOT to learn about how it functions and what it can/can't do (I'm still in the process of that since I just re-installed it last night thinking it wouldn't read disks becuase I hooked something up wrong)... I think in time it'll be a good thing to have as they work the firmware and the community develops tools for it. There're already several launchers available, but not much talk about what they are and what they do...

    I think if you're an avid soft-modder and have been following the wii scene, keeping up on what's new or if you're a wii owner who only has original disks (or 1:1 copies of the original) then you're in great shape with the WODE. Otherwise, it's still pretty new and needs some time to mature.
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