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Thread: syscheck, dop-mii, dop-ios, pimpmywii test, all freeze at ios 14

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    syscheck, dop-mii, dop-ios, pimpmywii test, all freeze at ios 14

    here's the rub.

    i got an old wii (LU30) from a guy who thought it was full bricked. he did install bootmii as boot2 and i managed to get into the system menu. it's running 4.2u with ios249 rev17. legit games are working fine but backups don't. it has neogamma 6 and 7 installed as channels, a number of vc games and hbc 1.0.5(ios36). he didn't make a nand backup but i did as soon as i got into the system menu. he installed an older version of cioscorp but i'm not sure which one. I'm not sure what else he did to it.

    I can delete game saves but not channels in data management(locks up when i try). I've run syscheck, pimpmywii(pass the test only), dop-ios, and dop-mii but they all freeze at ios 14. tried to overwrite it as per the remove cioscorp guide but no dice. wondering if i should uninstall it and install fresh.*edit* nope, that didn't work but everything else in the guide was a success. how do you fix a corrupt ios if you can't overwrite or delete it? anytitledeleter also froze up on channel removal.

    i want to get backup games running because i already have an unmodded wii for my legit games. if anyone can help or at least point me in the right direction I would be much obliged.
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    still need help.
    and yes, i have been reading the guides but i'm still lost.

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    Here is a clue. If you have system checks freeze at a certain ios, it is likely to be corrupted and needs to be replaced. Almost any of the apps you have mentioned can be used to do this.
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    i've tried them all. the wii freezes if i try to overwrite or uninstall it.

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