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Thread: CoverFloader Help - Homebrew Channel Installed

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    CoverFloader Help - Homebrew Channel Installed

    Hello guys

    I have installed Homebrew to the main screen on my Wii - 4.3 Software installed on Wii

    When I click the Homebrew channel I can see Cover Floader - When I select the application the program starts but does not find my hard drive, goes to a black screen and then says error no USB drive connected (I have tried plugging the USB drive into both USB ports on the rear of the Wii) also there is no Wii pointer on the screen the controller goes dead when I press a button the lights flash but it goes off straight away.

    I have 2 USB loaders installed U Loader & CoverFloader

    U Loader works no problems and finds the games on my USB External Hard Drive, I tried to use the Wad manager to install Cover Floader as a channel and while it does install it still does not run same problem as above.

    Using U Loader V1.0
    CoverFloader 2.7
    WAD manager 1.4

    I have tried to give you all the information I have to hand I hope you can help.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply

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    Any ideas please


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