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Thread: How to fix Wii 4.1U with homebrew upside down

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    How to fix Wii 4.1U with homebrew upside down


    My wii was softmod by a third party and ended up with 4.1U last year. Since I'm not that familiar with homebrew I didn't care much about it even its upside down and was happy running wii games on CD.

    What I want to achieve here is how to reinstall homebrew or how to fix this upside down view? what are the things I need and simple instruction on how to do it ?

    thank you

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    Download HackMii and simply reinstall HBC as-is and it should right things. You'll need an SD card (2gb or less, full SD no Micro in adapter nor SDHC). That, or do this.

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    download IOS58-64-v6176.rar(extract) put in wad folder on your sd and use wad manager to install it

    then download extract put in apps folder on your sd card(SD:/apps/hackmii_installer) load homebrew channel run the hack mii installer install hbc

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    If only a place where stuff coul dbe searched for existed... lol jk,

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    Thank you guys...

    Search google is there but most post I read was kinda old and I just want to make sure i'm getting fresh help and tips because if I break this wii of course nobody will replace it right ? anyway will try it and I hope I can do it right.

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    Is this right I created and placed the files -->


    and for wad


    are these the only files needed and I'm ready to go ?

    thank you

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    Thank you guys I finally fix my homebrew upside down. Next is to update 4.1U to the next version.


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