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Thread: My Wii (softmoded) won't upgrade

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    My Wii (softmoded) won't upgrade

    I softmoded my Wii months ago, everythings worked out fine during months ... now I bought Donkey Kong but it requires an upgrade. I wanted to install Priiloader but couldn't make it work at all... and now I wanted to upgrade the Wii through the game anyway, and it says the upgrade fails! What am I doing wrong? Should I format the Wii to start all over again?

    Thanks in advance

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    Moved thread to a more relevant section.

    Edit: quit obsessively posting everything in the "General Homebrew/Hack Issue" section of the site, OK?
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    Should I format the Wii to start all over again?
    Have you ever seen that as a recommended way to fix any issue?

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    I am sorry Nightstah, this is my first post, I honesty tried to find the best place to post ... sorry again about this

    @skellinator : No, but I wonder if there's a way to get the wii like new... without hacks so I can upgrade ... do you know?

    And now I think I made a big mistake ... I was following a tutorial using ios-drop and during the IOS loading, it froze, I hold power button, and now when I start the wii it's a white screen with a menu (system menu, hbc, etc.). System Menu and Hbc menu won't work (missing file or something) ... is there a way to recover my mess.... thanks ...

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    Actually, this was your 2nd post. You posted your Intro in the same section, lol. White screen with a menu? Is this the Priiloader/Preloader screen? I suspect the generic way in which you reference things, this wasn't a wiihacks tutorial being followed...

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    I am really sorry for my other post, I ensure I was sure to have posted in "introduce yourself" section ... must be tired lol ... I am truly sorry for this :S

    The first time I softmoded the wii it was correctly done. But now I followed several tutorials tonight to try to install correctly priiloader or update to 4.3 and one of them was telling to switch to the IOS61 in order to get Priiloader to work ... So after that I went in IOS-Drop again to see if I could switch it back as it was before, but it froze as I said, and then the white screen ...

    I have looked on internet what should look like Priiloader, and yes this is this interface that I see. Difference is that it is impossible to load system menu Or HBC. I am affraid I corrupted something when it froze in IOS-Drop.
    Anyway, do you know if I can run regular games that I own from Priiloader? Or is there a known way I could recover the thing?

    Thanks for your help this is, really, truly appreciated.. I am sorry for my dumbness

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    You should've used "B" (the cIOS) rather than "A" to install it. Check to see what AUTOBOOT: has things set to; is it Priiloader (Preloader)? You could change it to System Menu, HBC, etc. Any changes, you have to select "save," of course.

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    Can't find such text, but :
    It's written : (bottom)
    Error autobooting System Menu
    ES_Diverfiy failed! no ios with it patched?

    And it looks like to have another line of text under that, but it is very cropped... weird, isn't it?

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    Sounds like you've installed Priiloader to a non-trucha signed IOS, which would account for this. You can install Priiloader over top of itself and use the "B" button to allow for cIOS install. If you try to boot to HBC via Priiloader, does it allow for this?

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    No, this makes an error.
    But I can access cIOS (this is the IOS installer with a great metal song playing?)
    Is it necessary, if I can access cIOS, to install Priiloader over itself? If yes, all I need is to re-add Priiloader to apps folder on my SD card?

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