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Thread: Understanding Nintendo's system updates?

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    Understanding Nintendo's system updates?

    I've been reading and (attempting) to understand the different updates that Nintendo releases and what they include. From what I understand is these releases (aka - packages) that can update different parts of the Wii. I would like to better understand how we have IOS50 & IOS254 as part of System Menu 3.4

    I found that wiibrew's wiki has been helpful yet I seem to have more and more questions and have not yet found the answers. Here is a link to there page:
    Wii System Updates - WiiBrew

    If anyone could explain or at least take a shot at some of this stuff, feel free. Even theories are fine by me at this point. The links on that page are empty which leads me to believe there is still a lot to understand about the machine and that a few very sharp people are holding all the keys.

    Here is something I found that was interesting:
    IOS: The Input/Output System that runs on the Hollywood "Starlet" ARM core


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    from what ive always understood is
    nintendo makes updates based off what we do now a days, so its all designed to counter us, i do believe therre is a lot more than is known, but in reality, i dont really care =\, its not my job to understand the system perfectly, and in the end there is probly a lot lot lot lot that is 100% unknown to us


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