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Thread: Few Wasabi DX questions

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    Few Wasabi DX questions

    Complete Wii noob here.
    Just got a fairly early Wii. Ordered a Wasabi DX and just about ready to take the plunge and open up the Wii for surgery....however:

    Previous owner said as far as he knows he'd never updated the firmware, so I'm guessing as it's an oldish Wii (bought 2007 I think) the firmware will need updating for compatibility with certain games?

    Should I update it before fitting the Wasabi, and how can I ensure it doesn't update past 4.1? (to keep multiregion support)

    Is there anywhere I can download Wii firmware updates to burn to DVD and install that way after fitting the chip?


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    Just to add, firmware is currently at 3.1E


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