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Thread: your shape camera

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    your shape camera

    i have been bought a genuine copy of your shape (pal) with camera. my system is softmodded 4.3 indiana pwas. when i boot up with camera plugged in black screen. When i boot up with camera unplugged channels come up working. Can anyone help

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    I don't understand a bit of what you're saying. Do you mean that the Wii doesn't boot if the Your Shape camera is plugged in?

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    it powers up green light comes on but the screen is black

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    green light on wii i mean

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    Try the other USB port and see if it makes any difference.

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    I'm out of ideas already. You should have the needed IOS for the camera as a 4.3 user.
    Perhaps someone else knows how to fix this.

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    can you tell me how to do ios please new to this scene thanks

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    Your Wii's firmware is 4.3, so you have the IOS which is needed. If you want to know for sure, install IOS57 with the use of this guide.

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    think i need to check need file for dope mii. When i modded wii i didnot get files off this site i wish i had done my mistake. in futre omly will get them off here. no dope mii on homebrew menu

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