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Thread: Question about renaming mp3's

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    Question about renaming mp3's

    Hi all,

    I have recently noticed that a hell of a lot of my mp3's have a black space at the beginning of their names: i.e. _blah.mp3 (the underscore being a blank space). this has become really annoying now and i believe it was media monkey that caused the problem....
    I don't suppose anyone knows of a piece of software that would automatically check a 500gb hd for any files that may have a blank space at the beginning... (not in the middle) only at the beginning of the filename... I have been searching for bloody ages and all I have managed to find is people talking about unix and people wanting to remove spaces from text or spreadsheets.

    Absolutely any info would be very much appreciated....



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    Easiest way [with no extra programs] is use WMP to tag, go under tools and options to choose rip option [tag option] then go to library tag and check the box that says rename music using rip settings. Apply settings, drag music in WMP and apply settings and done. So easy even a caveman can do it
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