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Thread: Re-softmod necessary?

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    Re-softmod necessary?

    I used messies guide to softmod my Wii 4.2 almost a year ago. Even though the Wii is functioning perfectly, I find myself worried since things are getting outdated. As an example I'm on an older version of PriiLoader and I don't know if this is relevant or not. Should I follow one of the newer softmod guides to install the newest components, or should I just stick with what I have? Should I do anything else? Thanks!


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    I always say that if you're not encountering any problems, just leave everything exactly the way it is. Like with your outdated Priiloader; it's only there to block updates and to place itself for the System Menu. As long as it does these things right, I don't see a reason to get the newest software. I don't think most people agree with me about this, though.

    Anyway, here is a guide to update your stuff.
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