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Thread: Call Of Duty Black Ops ERROR #002 part 2

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    Call Of Duty Black Ops ERROR #002 part 2

    All right guys!!!
    My second thread about COD Black Ops (I bought right other day)!!!
    The first part of the thread ----> everyone said to me to install priiloader and disable disc updates!!!
    I made it...but...
    When I put the disc of Black Ops, it runs the banner, but when I try to load the game, it says "error #002 remove the disc and turn off your wii".
    One more time, I read lots and lots of stuff on the net, and I realized that I need to install IOS 57 to play the game...
    If anyone could give me a trusted link for downloading a wad file of IOS 57...
    Or if anyone could give me some other option...
    My wii is 4.2U...
    Thank you guys!!!

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    Any and all inquires go in the guide and only after you fully read it.

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