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Thread: Media Player compaiable to xbmc

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    Media Player compaiable to xbmc

    I've been running a xbox just for XBMC for years now. Never even played a game on it. But if there was an app for the Wii that would stream my movies, music, pics, etc. from my pc through my tv using just smb and without a "server" program, I'd give my xbox away. I'm using a Myworldbook networked hardrive to store all my media so i cant actually run a server program on it. Just smb sharing.
    Anyone know of an app or if one is in development?

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    there isnt, and doubt there ever will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    there isnt, and doubt there ever will be
    Ya don't think this would be a worthy app? I bought a crappy xbox just for this reason. I got the Wii cause it's mega fun. It would be a nice bonus.

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    hardware limits, and the lack of intrest, people care more about loading games than other things

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    Kewl. Unfortunate. Guss i may still need to have that ugly black box by the tv.

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    Get an Apple TV it's smaller than the Wii, cheaper too (depends on where you get it). Can be made to play every kind of video and audio file with Boxee, it's hi-def, with a hard drive for local storage but also streams from the network with built-in wi-fi. Has various connection options including HDMI.

    At the moment I have a dedicated media centre pc, but this is my next buy.
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    is this definately the case? (no media center projects)

    im sure ive come across one before using just SMB, as per frogmaster post? I think the Wii would be a great candidate for a 'thin' media center

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    well, people are more intrested in the game aspect, and as ive said hardware limits, i mean this thing has only 512 mb of system memory, and without homebrew, can it load anything off the SD card, and the limit there is 2 gigs, and anyone downloading or uploading a file from the wii thats like idk 20 mb, is atleast 2 mins, so i dont want to think of a 100 mb file, streaming or loading off that, just think about it, its a waste of time, to even consider

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    You could try running Orb2 on the PC with the media on and then logging into it on the Wii using the internet channel. This will stream stuff to your Wii. The only problem is it's crap. Music isnt too bad, but video is quite bad.

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    hopefully there will be a media center one day, i know i would really use it.

    what i see as realistic in the future, is having linux with myth media center reading usb or network storage, and usb tv cards like what i have for my laptop at the moment.

    it is possible, just too early for us. i think there would be strong support too

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