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Thread: Can you play backups off flash drive?

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    Question Can you play backups off flash drive?

    Soft modded my virgin 4.3u and downgraded to 4.1 on IOS60. (IOS236 v54321) hank you Mauifrog. I have the d3-2 so I know I can't play dvd-r backups. I don't have a hdd yet and wanted to know if you can play games off a flash drive? Also my discs are showing wear and tear and I want to back them up. Problem is I don't know jack about these homebrew apps or how to use them, what firmware it works on. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    System Menu 4.1 is the best firmware of choice. No need to ever change that until a new System Menu with actual improvements will be released.'

    For your flash drive, see if it's on this list.
    If not, no-one can tell if it will work or not.

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    thanks for the compatibility list but how do you put the games on them?

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    Via your USB loader.
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    I have used a variety of them at different times. All have worked for me. It's not going to hurt anything to try whatever you have on hand.


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