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Thread: Cant rehack wii

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    Cant rehack wii

    I'm an amateur hacker and I hack my wii about a year ago. Long story short Sonic 4 came out and from what i found online i needed a cios, found one and installed it. "woot woot" Anyway i decided to get Netflix on it and from what i saw so far i need an update and the safe 4.3 updater wouldn't work. Back when I was finding out about the cios I had a friend update homebrew and he did it by smash stack (this was last month). I fount the files i needed and updated the Nintendo's way with the plan to rehack it. It didnt work.
    Hackmii said "there is no vulnerable ios installed etc. etc. etc. suck it"

    I did research and i found my exact problem on hackmii's site which said either they have to update their or there's a failpack on the wii


    nintendo style update,
    rehack fail,
    how do i get fix for ios that mess up hackmii without hombrew channel?

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    Let me Google that for you.

    If you're encountering problems, all questions go in that guide, and not here.
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