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Thread: Wife Disc Update

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    Wife Disc Update

    I had done the soft mod 4.3 with Indiana Jones. Only to come home to a WII that wouldn't work. I asked her what she did and she tells me she rented a game for our son and it asked her to update. Guess what she did the update! What do i have to do to fix it. Can i just start from scratch again or are there steps to follow. The game she rented was Nikoledeon Fit! If that is of any help

    Thanks In Advance

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    If you still have the Homebrew Channel, then just start the "Softmod Any Wii' Guide from after that point. If not, then yes, you may need to start over. Check out that guide to make up what still needs to be done.

    Edit: This is why the guides on this site include priiloader. It is a MUST for avoiding this situation.
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