Thanks to the latest exploits of homebrew coder J416, the keys for the tag 0xD91613F0 has been successfully decrypted, paving the way for the release of PRXdecrypter version 2.6b. Now you can decrypt, decompress the latest:

* firmware modules from official firmwares, for both old-style PSP and PSP Go
* updater modules from official updaters, including some obfuscated ones
* official updater DATA.PSP
* reboot.bin and reboot_02g.bin from all retail firmwares
* EBOOT.BIN and modules from retail games, and some nonretail/debug EBOOT.BIN files
* M33 custom firmware modules
* RLZ files
* KL3E/KL4E files
* meimg.img and me_sdimg.img
* some demos and game sharing DATA.PSP files
* index.dat


* keys for tags 0xD91614F0 added

Source- QJ