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Thread: PAL Super smash bros on US wii, getting screen cutoff

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    PAL Super smash bros on US wii, getting screen cutoff

    Hey guys, after sucessfully installing priiloader on my 4.2 US wii and region free-ing my channels, I installed a PAL super smash bros wad. The game runs fine, but the bottom bit of the game runs off the bottom of the TV, so I can't see the amount of damage players have taken

    I tried adjusting it in the options menu of super smash bros, but when i move the display up, it looks like it should work, but the bottom half inch on the tv where the damage/lives should be displayed is just black. There is enough room on the TV to display all of the game, but it just won't do it. Anyone run in to this? any ideas on a fix?

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    I'm not 100% sure if this is right, but in the wii system setting do you have "widescreen or 16:9" picked and your using a 4:9 or not widescreen or the other way around? if you got that backwards it could happen but im just throwing a shot out in the dark.
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