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Thread: AceKard 2i For NDS & DSi Advice

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    AceKard 2i For NDS & DSi Advice

    Hi, has anyone got any suggestion's where a good safe online shop to buy one of these from in the uk. I have brought one about a year ago from a shop called, the hanger shop but they do not take pay pal any more, so im a bit stuck on where to go. I have seen many shop's from googling but have no idea how trust worthy these shop's are.

    Thank's in advance.

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    hi go to this site and sighn up and there is a chat box get all the information you need NDSUniverse - The #1 Resource for Free NDS Roms and more!

    this is were i have orded my superdstwo card from hasnt came yet because i got it on free shipping takes upto 3-5 weeks the other link i gave you is a good site you will get loads of help if you have problems with your card and if you need the latest firmware good luck
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    I recommend m3i zero over ak2i, we had a lot of ak2i fail after a few months only.
    We are not in UK but ship there and fairly decent speed from here to UK, via Royal Post.
    If interested let me know
    Send me a PM if you need any support

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