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Thread: disabled, noobie needs HELP!

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    disabled, noobie needs HELP!

    Hello all, I was recently invited to join ntorrents, so I could start a new gaming libary. I have been a member for exactly 24 hours. I started a download last night that I thought was going to be done at midnight but has been running since midnight at 99% complete and will not finish. I logged off ntorrents aroud noon today and tried to log back on around 3:30 pm and I got an error message that said my account had been diabled or I was timed out. I resd the rules but maybe missed something but have know way to get back on to see if I missed anything in the rules. I have tried to get on their IRC but cannot seem to find the sight. PLEASE HELP!


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    they have the right to ban you for any reason.

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    Is there something particularily good about this site? Theres lots of torrent sites out there...
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    its all nintendo based, and has most games, with a good seed/leech count + lots of updates and such


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