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Thread: usbloader asking for hard drive choice

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    usbloader asking for hard drive choice

    I copied a harddrive from my other wii and softmodded this wii, when you go to usb loader it says can't find fat32 partition, i can select wbfs partition and it works fine, is there anyway to bypass this step to default to wbfs?

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    not sure which usb loader you're using, but there should be an option in settings...
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    i had this once too...

    What the problem for me was, with usb loader gx, that the hard drive main partition was ntfs. I can think of a couple things that might work. What I did was change the whole drive to a fat32 partition, with a wbfs folder. But having the wbfs partition as the main one. You may have to format it to do this too, but you may be able to change it with the computer management tool on your pc. Either way, make sure you have the files backed up on another drive.


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