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Thread: Modded but can I use a portable FAT32 HD?

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    Modded but can I use a portable FAT32 HD?

    Great guide guys, Modded my 4.3e now at 4.1e without a hitch.

    I want to back up my games from the wii drive to a Hard drive and then play from there, But I want to use a portable HD drive on fat32 so I can use it for other things as well can I do this? If so what games manager should I use and would it work with say the wiiflow type ?

    Off to read more and search to see what else I can add
    Thanks again

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    mauifrog's softmod guides include a link to a guide to play back-ups from your FAT32 harddrive.
    Take a look again.

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    Got that now, thanks.
    All working with wiiflow on very nice only prob is cant save wiiflow settings, must have done something wrong
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