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Thread: Neogama or USB loader GX won't pick up my USB

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    I have a 4.2 wii, and about 2 months ago i hacked it and just recently i downloaded something and installed it to my wii via wad installer and now it won't pick my usb up.

    When i start the wii the usb flashes so I know the port isn't messed up but right when I load neogama the lights shut off.

    This tutorial i read on how to get black ops pass the loading screen said this

    Load with ONE of the following cIOS

    - Set to load with one of the following -

    • cIOS 250 [57 Base] Rev 19
    • cIOS 250 [57 Base] Rev 20
    • cIOS 249 [57 Base] Rev 19
    • CIOS 249 [57 Base] Rev 20
    • cIOS 224 [57 Base] v5.1

    I downloaded and installed one I forget which and it didn't work so i tried another and if I remember correctly neogama wouldn't even load so i uninstalled one and now here I am

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    Try using a USB loader other then neogamma, like CFG USB Loader. You can find a link in my signature.
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    Thank you sooooo much man now i can finally play what i've been waiting for since 1996 DONKEY KOOOOONG


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