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Thread: Triiforce crashing

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    Triiforce crashing

    I recently installed Triiforce, and whenever I try to load a game* it crashes. I can't tell if it's giving me any error messages when loading up Triiforce, since all the text flashes too quickly, but it gets to "game loaded, press any button to continue" with no obvious errors. Then when I press a button, the screen goes all staticky and has "Exception (DSI) occurred! [Code] STACK DUMP: [Code] CODE DUMP: [Code]", and I have to shut down my Wii. Anyone know what I might have done wrong?

    *I have tried And Yet It Moves, Cave Story, Phoenix Wright 1, Sonic 4, Excitebike, Contra Rebirth, and Castlevania Adventure Rebirth, all with the exact same results

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    We just so happen to have a guide for Triforce. Have a look here.

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    That was the guide I followed when installing it. Not sure what would have gone wrong...

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    Still haven't found anything about how to fix my problem - anyone have any advice? =\

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    Read back through that guide to see if there was anything obvious I missed, and I don't see anything that would help my situation. Is there really nobody who has any idea what would fix this? =\

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    Tried running the debugger program in the other thread, and I don't know if that version of the debugger is not compatible with Triiforce 3.0 or what, cause it couldn't get to the games list when running in debug mode. It gave the following errors:

    unt! IN GETDIR(result: -1)
    *ERROR: I can't get title list IN GET_ENTIRES. Press any button

    And then went back to the Wii Menu. Is there an updated version of the debugger anywhere, or are these errors at least useful in figuring out what's going wrong? =\


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