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Thread: Can I Load Neogamma and also use Darkcorp

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    Can I Load Neogamma and also use Darkcorp

    I'm using Darkcorp to play my backups and was wondering if I could also load Neogamma R8? I tried using Darkcorp to run DKCR without success and was wondering if I could load Neogamma and try that. I'm running a 4.1u unit.

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    This would be self-defeating. The purpose of DarkFAIL is to run games via the disc channel. I'd sooner recommend you follow Ithian's uninstall guide (or last I knew, Cile was working on a version supporting 1.1 of DF if Ithian's hasn't been updated). Most of us don't like or care for DarkCorp, but it'd be... questionable at best. This would be equated to a hardmodder installing it, lol.


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