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Thread: Which chip to get and where?

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    Which chip to get and where?

    Hey guys. I'm getting a new WII, likely with the D2E chipset. Which mod chip set should I get if I want to go solderless and from where? Is it easy enough for a noob to do? Thanks for your help in advance .

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    Installing a presoldered chip is as easy as it gets:
    open up your wii, clip on the chip+clip, test it and close it up.

    Where you get it depends on where you're located, this site has some nice official resellers of differend chips if you're located in USA/Canada.
    Just make sure the reseller isnt on any blacklist (of wiiclip / your chip) for selling fakes or something like it, so you get genuine stuff.

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    wasabi, d2pro, wiikey 2 if you want easy to install get presoldered on wiiclip
    as for places, canada mods, or modchip depot if youre in canada/states

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    Another great site to buy mod stuff is . Use them all the time and they are great folks to work with.

    Although, I am not a fan of the clips, soldering in a WiiKey 2 is a breeze. For the D2E, you do not need to solder directly to the drive chip.

    If you get one with the black epoxy over the solder points, use a heatgun and a razor knife to remove the black epoxy. Heat up the area to around 100C and carefully slide your knife under the epoxy and pry up. If heated correctly, it will just pop off. I'll post a pic.


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