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Thread: Wiikey2 presoldered to vc4 clip?

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    Wiikey2 presoldered to v4c clip?

    I have noticed some places sell the Wiikey2 presoldered to a v4c wiiclip while others sell the the wiikey2 presoldered to the v14 wiiclip. Is there a difference? Does the wiikey2 still operate the same? I have decided to purchase a wiikey2 presoldered and would like to clear up this question before I order one.
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    WiiClip 4C is originally made for the D2Pro v3 modchip, but since it has the same solder points needed for WiiKey2 it works with that one too.
    WiiClip 14 is specially made for WiiKey 2 and the modchip fits better in V14 then in V4C, but in the end they both work the same.


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