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Thread: Zelda Hack error assist thank-you ^^

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    Zelda Hack error assist thank-you ^^

    Hello Everyone. First thanks for coming into my help topic i hope others can help me fix my problem ^^. Ty in advance

    Hello, i am new to the wii scene, and i bought a wii and i found out about the Zelda hack for firmware 3.3. The version i currently have is 3.3u. The day i bought the wii i've been doing some research about the zelda hack for quite sometime.. and i am stuck.. today i decided to try it out and see if it will work. I downloaded the zelda hack for 3.3.. i did everything i've been told to do. everything goes smoothly til @ the end.. where it doesnt cintue any further and says i have a ticket error.. what is the problem? Advice much appericated thank you
    SD Card: Micro Sandisk
    Zelda Model: RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA
    Need more information please tell me.. i will supply your questions

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    maybe what the ticket error is =\


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