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Thread: Problems with loading discs

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    Problems with loading discs


    I have a problem with my Wii grabbing discs. If my Wii is powered off, I can stick a disc in and it will grab it. If the Wii is on, it will sometimes grab the discs, but sometimes not. (Usually not). I can't seem to reproduce the situation in which it will, so I can't give any more information.

    I am using Wiikey2 ( Yellow Sticker ), as well as a Black Katana replacement case. I installed the wiikey2 at the same time as putting the Katana case on, so I'm actually not sure whether it is the case or the installation of the chip.

    Normally I would test the original case before posting here, but swapping cases is such a nightmare I figured I would check to see if anyone has heard of this issue with modded Wii's before.



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    try updating the chip firmware

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    I got the update CD from this site. Is there anything newer?

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    I'm also using the Talismoon Wiisper fan with the blue LED, would that make a difference? They required me to plug the fan into the LED drive instead of the mobo slot which the fan usually plugs into.

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    I took that damned fan out and put the original nintendo one in.

    Problem solved. I hate that company.


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