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Thread: Hard Drive powering off

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    Hard Drive powering off

    I'm using an old seagate external 3.5" harddrive on the wii, it's the type with the power supply.

    Somehow for a while it used to power itself off and back on again with the wii (you just left the power button in). It's never done this with the PC and I was quite impressed when it started doing it with the wii as the button is difficult to get to unless I turn it round (which then looks a mess as all the wires are then visible)

    Anyway I'm not quite sure what I did to get it to switch off and on like that automatically, but it doesn't do it now it just stays on all the time unless I switch it off.

    I did go through a few different versions of USB Loader GX whilst trying to get the system how I liked it. Not sure if they would make a difference? And I did make a few changes in PriiLoader to get it how I wanted it.

    I have it setup with PriiLoader and USB Loader GX, it auto boots straight into USB Loader so the first thing you see is the carousel of games ready to play straight away (much better for the kids - the discs are all safely tucked away and they can just click the icons to play). I do have a slight problem with the current setup in that some of the games just go to a black screen. To play these games I have another version of usb loader on the SD card which I can load up through homebrew. The SD card version plays them all perfectly.

    Anyway any ideas on the HD issue?

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    I have several ideas, but most would be rather impractical. The safest way would be to experiment with different versions of USB Loader GX. It could also be because of the system menu IOS, the IOS HBC uses, or the cIOS USB Loader GX uses. If you have changed one of these, this is probably the cause.

    If the IOS haven't changed and changing the version of USB Loader GX does not change anything, you might still be able to put some power switch on the cable itself, you know, like some lamps have. But you do need some skill to do this.
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    Thanks for the reply, I don't think I did anything that complex for a good while so it probably is the USB Loader GX, I could do with finding a new version anyway as the one I have lacks a few features (like some games just going to black screen), it also can't download covers wheras the old version can. This means to get covers I have to reboot and hold restart down, then go to the original wii menu and load the sd card version from there.

    I can't really add a switch on the power cable as the cables are hidden, would be harder to reach the cable than the button!

    It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for the fact that I know it can do it!

    It's been a while since I messed with any of this, can anyone remind me what I need to do to upgrade the USB Loader GX which autoboots?! I know how to do the SD card version just can't remember what to do with this version, can't even remember how I did it!


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