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Thread: No apps showing after homebrew update

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    No apps showing after homebrew update

    Hi just went into my homebrew to try to get my black ops game working and it asked me to update. I updated homebrew to 1.0.8 and didnt seem to have any problems till i went into the channel. It loads up fine but it wont display any apps its just the bubbles. When i try to go to bootmii the screen goes black and all i can do is a hard reset. Please help really wanna play black ops

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    Install IOS58 with the use of Bannerbomb and WAD Manager.

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    This could be as simple as HBC trying to load off of the HDD instead of the SD card, it happened to me. Hit 1 on he wii remote and choose SD (if for no other reason, then to verify). If this is what is causing your issue, then you can install IOS58 and reinstall HBC by the link in my sig. If this is not it, then Bandicoot might be right.
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