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Thread: Can you use a save file to put on your wii to put other people saved levels on?

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    Can you use a save file to put on your wii to put other people saved levels on?

    Hi i was recently playing a game called Super Mario Galaxy 2 and i am all the way from the beginning i was wondering that is it posssible to make a super mario galaxy 2 save file on pc then put it in the wii then save it on the wii save file games then play all the levels from it really possible



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    I made a whooopppsssiiiieeee!!!!

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    Well, this is not really cheating and I think staff had a discussion about this once.

    OP - Yes you can but you need to read about it and figure out how to do it yourself (google it, there is lots of info out there).
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    It's not ''fair use'', either. That's what made me make that comment, and cheating is the closest description.

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    And yet, without a certain flexibility in the rules with regard to mutliple accounts (evil twin brother or not), you'd not still be here asking this question --- would you?

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    I have done this before. When out of town and getting a new game for the holidays, you put all of that time into the game and have to come home and start over??? Screw that! Just copy the savegame from the wii to an SD card, go home and put it into your own wii. I don't think super mario galaxy 2 is a copy protected save file, if it is then you will have to do your own research.

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    @ nightstah --- No, I wouldn't be here, and I appreciate that. That I made a fault in the first post, I'll admit. The second post was only what made me think why I should react that way. I apologize to the OP.

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    Now there's the Bandi I know, lol.

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    I'll leave threads like this one alone from now on. I can't seem to make the right choice between the violation of rules or not. :/

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    Rule of thumb: if blatant (ie "I don't own this game") feel free to call'em on it. Ocarina cheat codes? Sure, tell'em. Save game stuff? Not so much...

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