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Thread: "Jumping Screen" Problems

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    "Jumping Screen" Problems

    Hey, long time reader first time poster. Ive had problems with the "jumping screen" for awhile and no matter what i do, i cant seem to make any headway into fixing it. The jumping screen happens when i load some games (ex: resident evil umbrella chronicles) from gecko or ocarina (cheat apps) no matter what cheats (or even NO cheats) i select. Some gamecube games start from neogamma with the jumping screen (Resident evil code Veronica) so its widespread across my different apps. i tried switching system menus, but it didnt do anything. i tried messing with options but i havent found the right one if there is any to prevent the jumping screen.

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    What do you mean with a ''jumping screen''? It sounds like your TV doesn't support the selected signal to me. Try all the videomodes availible in NeoGamma.

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    i shall! but by jumping screen i mean literally that, the screen jumps erratically up and down in black and white no less >_<;; ive used different tvs as well, same problems persist

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    B&W output is such a common question, that it's been answered probably literally a 1,000 times on this site. Use that search bar in the upper right corner, thread closed.

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