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Thread: Wii Party, chip and update

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    Wii Party, chip and update

    Hello. I have PAL console and I have Wii Party PAL game. I don't have any Internet connection and I don't use any things like Homebrew or softmods. I have D2Ckey chip and 4.2E soft version. Can I update it to 4.3E or will it cause a birck or any other problems?

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    Can anyone help me? I updated my system to 4.3E and I have done it twice. At first time everything was fine, but then I had to do the same update for the second time and it froze at the end of a bar. So I take away a game disc and my Wii restared. At this moment it doesn't want an update but it doesn't read a game disc. What should I do now???


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