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Thread: Some games desapeared from HD, and allmost all the disk space is gone

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    Some games desapeared from HD, and allmost all the disk space is gone


    I pluged my USB HD on the wrong USB port of the wii. USB loader complained about it, and I switched it. It aked me to try again for more 30s and I choosed IOS249 if I remember right and it loaded my HD. But about half of my games where missing.

    I loaded usb loader default settings just to make sure I had not done something, but nothing happened. I went to check the HD on my computer, and on wbfs manager it shows just few games, but allmos all the disk space is gone. Windows explorer says

    Any ideas on how to get my games back and fix this issue, or should I format the drive and start over?

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    Sounds like your hd is screwed up. If you dont have a ton of stuff on it reformatting and run a ckdsk on it wouldn't be a bad idea.

    If you do have to redo the entire hard drive i suggest you go the fat32 route:
    FAT32 Hard Drives - Formatting, Loading, Ripping, Playing
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    i had the exact same thing happen , unfortunatly aint getting the games back . are you using wbfs manager ......if so that could be the cause of the problem with either a bad install or a bad copy of a game . i now use wiibackupmanager and you can see if there is any errors and repair/remove them . i have tried this since ( put hdd in wrong port and choose 249 , and they r all there ) . or u could have just had a bad format of the drive

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    hehe.. I also have just umpluged and pluged the hd without powering it off.. I have found a promissing tool, wwt: Wiimms WBFS Tool, will give it a try. I will post results latter.

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    Just to let u guys know, I have managed to recover all my games and free space with this wounderfulll wwt tool!


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