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Thread: Wiiflow 2.1 r92 does not create wiiflow.ini

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    Wiiflow 2.1 r92 does not create wiiflow.ini

    I realize this post may already exist but after a long time of google searching I still have found no resolution to my problem. I am using wiiflow 2.1 r92 and all games boot up fine but i am unable to download cover art, change themes, download cover art, and the program does not seem to create a wiiflow.ini file.

    I am using cIOS249 and an 8GB SD card and a WBFS HDD formatted as a single partition. After running wiiflow, I stick my SD card in my computer and there is no wiiflow.ini file in either SD:\wiiflow or SD:\apps\wiiflow\

    Can anyone tell me if I am overlooking something? I would assume that the lack of a wiiflow.ini file is also the reason I can't change themes or download cover art. IF anyone could help me out, I would appreciate it.

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