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Thread: Wii art covers for use with configurable usbloader

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    Wii art covers for use with configurable usbloader

    Hi All,

    A little bit stuck here. I using configurable usbloader and have transferred my games to USB hard drive using Wii Backupmanager. I dont have network, and have downloaded the covers for the games from WiiTDB - Nintendo Wii games database.

    Where do I put the covers?

    One instruction Ive seen is : SD:/usb-loader/covers/3d

    My config usbloader folder is called usbloader.

    I have tried to copy the art folder to the root of the sd card as the instruction above, no joy.

    Any suggestions please.

    Thank you

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    so put them in your usbloader you got three folders for cover art in there make sure you have the ID right dont rename the pic after you save them ....

    2D Covers - SD:/usbloader/covers
    3D Covers - SD:/usbloader/covers/3d
    Full Covers - SD:/usbloader/covers/full

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    Tried that m8, this is what ive done... "Apps" "USBloader" then I got "boot.dol", "cfg60-222.dol", "icon", "meta", "sample_config" and the folder "covers" and in that folder is "3d" and "full". (which is where my covers are)

    Is that about right? Cuz i must be missing something simple. Cuz they still dont show.

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    Depending on what cover did you downloaded
    if you downloaded full cover then put in the full folder
    if you downloaded 3d cover put in 3d folder
    don't rename the picture because it will not associate with the game
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    Tried that and still no joy. Reinstalled config usbloader, and put the game covers into "covers" and still nothing. Do I have to do something else once the covers are in the folder to correspond with the game?

    Think Ive got it.. think I have to go into the configurator. Will have a play later and come back if I got problems.
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    Ok, stuck now.... my config usbloader is on my SD card with the game covers, the games i have got on a usb hard drive. I have gone into config usb loader configurator and gone into "Theme Options 1".. down to "covers" and clicked on 1 and then "covers wiz". I have everything ticked and and told "3d path" that the covers are in "F:\apps\usb-loader\covers\3d. I still cannot get any pictures to show.

    What am I doing wrong please?


    please ignore.....ive worked it out now, thanks
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    How did you work it out. I am still stuck trying to figure out how to get the covers to display.

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    LOL. Took me ages, Using config usb loader. I got the programme in the "apps" folder and the games in "wbfs". Open up "CfgLoaderConfigurator" in "usb-loader" folder.

    "Theme Options 1" and down to "Covers" mkae sure its ticked and a dot is on the "1". Open "Covers Wiz", then I have "base" "2D path" etc.... base is "X:\usb-loader" (x is your hdd). Click "add games from folder" (I select wbfs) this brings your games list up, tick on all and click on "Download all games covers" (that should now download your covers to your folders.

    Someone else may have a different way, but this is the only way I could figure it out. Hope it helps.


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