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Thread: Really strange problem with my softmod

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    Really strange problem with my softmod

    This is a long one so please bare with me and i am sorry for the long post.

    OK, so i got a virgin wii second hand and the previous owner had already done the 4.3E update (grrr).

    I followed this guide using Lego Indiana to softmod my wii. I did everything in the guide except for the optional 4.1 system menu downgrde.

    Everything went fine, no errors, i have HBC installed along with some homebrew apps and they all work perfectly but some some reason i cannot get my Wii to play games from my USB HDD.

    First thing you should know, i have a 4G Flash Drive (Kingston Datatraveller) and if i format that to WBFS then i can play from it perfectly using USB Loader GX.

    I have just purchased a brand new WD My Passport Essential 500GB HDD to use with my Wii.

    First of all i tried formatting it to WPFS using WBFS Manager V4, everything went OK but when i try and boot USB Loader GX it fails saying it cannot read from my slow drive. When i run Uloader it says my device it not operating in USB 2 mode.

    Next i tried formatting it to FAT32 using EASUS and then converting my ISos to WBFS using Wii Game Manager and dropping them onto the HDD in the wbfs folder using this guide.

    I tested it with WiiFlow & CFG USB loader. WiiFlow just says there is no drive plugged in but CFG USB Loader runs, reads the drive and displays a list of games. Then if i run a game it fails saying

    Error: setWBFS -128.

    Please help me someone. I am a total softmod noob and have no idea where to go next with this at all.

    I can tell you that i installed some cios files for loading Uloader but i have no idea which ones.

    I ran syscheck and this is the results


    Many Thanks

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    Dumb question but you are plugging the hard drive into the bottom USB port on the wii... that is the only one it will recognize. Also might even be the cable for the usb hardrive, try replacing that also.


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    Nope, thats not the problem.

    I defo have the HDD in the right slot on my Wii cause as i said, CFG USB loader reads it and shows the games but wont boot them.

    I really need an expert who can help me here, someone who can help me double check everything is done correctly and to config my wii to play backups from HDD.

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    This issue reminds me of an other user who had the exact same problem with the exact same harddrive. I guess the harddrive is not compatible with your Wii.

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    222 is hermes v5 on yours. the guide you linked should have given you v4, that might cause the problem.

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    Like skellinator said, install Hermes' IOS222 v4. I doubt that it will help, though. IOS222 v5.1 works perfectly in combination with Configurable USB Loader.

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    I fixed it!!!!!

    I dont really know how i did it but heres what i did

    I reinstalled all the default WADs as per step 2 of the softmod 4.3 guide. I then deleted CFG USB Loader completly from my SD Card and replaced it with the default version included in step 3 of the softmod 4.3 guide and its now working perfectly.

    As far as i can tell its using CIOS 250 to boot the games.

    Thanks for all your replys.

    One last quick question though, when the loader boots it says

    249 (DONE)
    250 (FRAG)

    What does the FRAG mean?
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    Hey, I am getting a "250 [frag]" on my bottom right corner when I load config usb. The game that I have on my external hdd is not showing up. I followed: guide: softmod ANY wii (by Mauifrog). I have a red 4.3u with homebrew 1.8. Please help, I have spent days trying to get this to work and there is always something wrong. If it means that I don't have ios 250 - how do I install it?



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