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Thread: drivekey modchip 2010 question

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    drivekey modchip 2010 question

    im going to get the drivekey modchip 2010 version and i was wondering can i upgrade the firmware by dvd? DriveKey - The world's first plug-and-play mod solution for Wii
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    I believe an update can only be done via usb and the jtag cable that comes with the drive key.

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    Moved thread to --- you guessed it --- the DriveKey section of the site.

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    actually it was posted from the site Two parts of DriveKey can be updated: The FPGA and the SPI Flash. Most updates only need to write to the SPI Flash, meaning that they can be applied via DVD. However, if an FPGA update is needed, it will be necessary to connect the d2prog JTAG programmer to DriveKey, i think it means i dont really need the jtag programmer unless i need it.


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