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Thread: HDD makes a beeping sound / USB loader does not read my HDD

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    Unhappy HDD makes a beeping sound / USB loader does not read my HDD

    Hi guys. I have been recently having this problem of my HDD beeping when I connect it to the wii. My HDD is a maxtor. It does not beep when I plug it into the PC. Only the wii. Furthermore, USB loader does not read my HDD when it is in this 'beeping' state. My HDD is partitioned for one WBFS partition and one NTFS partition(i think). I had no problems reading discs through NeoGamma. I have the latest homebrew channel installed.

    I have heard that my harddisk beeps because of the lack of power. Is there a way the wii can provide power? Or is there a way to reformat a disc so that i can burn another game into it?

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    I just started to have this same problem today. My wii is making a small beeping sound, whenever I plug in my external usb hard drive. It was working just fine this morning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    actually, its my hdd that beeps...

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