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Thread: IOS Patcher, Wiiscrubber, determining USB loader GX settings to load certain games

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    IOS Patcher, Wiiscrubber, determining USB loader GX settings to load certain games

    Alright, I pretty much use my wii for my kids and wanted to make sure they had plenty of games to play and always get the latest releases. I every once and a while get on and play, but I have been wanting to clean out my USB hard drive of non-working games. Then I read up on cIOS's, IOS Patcher, and Wiiscrubber. I wanted to figure out why the games were blackscreening. For example Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, I have read that it uses IOS56-64-v5405............System Menu 4.2. I have 4.3u and I just installed the latest IOS56 (IOS56-64-v5662.wad), but not sure how to configure the USB GX to load the game or if maybe I am installing the IOS incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also tried using the guide on IOS Patcher and when I drag an .iso image that I have downloaded, it gives me an error "couldn't get ISO information." What is the best way to figure out what cIOS I need to play games and which IOS they use? Or what options I have to learning how to make sure all the games I download can be configured to work.

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    If you are loading through a usb drive, the game uses only the 'cIOS' specified to load that game, not the 'IOS' it uses from disk.
    If you have games black screening, go to that game in your loader, find the settings, and change it to use a different cIOS.
    I use wiiflow and have yet to find a game that won't work.
    I regret to inform you that wiihacks does not promote pirating, but your problem very well could be bad downloads.
    As I said, I have yet to find a game that won't load, backed up from original disk.
    With that being said, use this info wisely as a mod will surely be by shortly to close this thread due to the reference of downloading games.
    You should look at the forum rules as it is clearly stated there.

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    Some games require work arounds and GH5 is one of these. If you're using a loader ensure you have hermes installed. There's a guide on the site to get music games up and running. Also might help to look up a thread called problematic games (and something like how to get the to work). There's a link to that guide in the update your old softmod guide in my sig at the bottom of the guide. DON'T FOLLOW THE UPDATE GUIDE IN MY SIG. It will not help you.

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    List of Problematic Games & How to make them work!

    give that a look, it may solve a few of your issues


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