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Thread: HDD Problem

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    HDD Problem

    Hi, I got the CFG loader and tried to load up a wad on it, which didn't work. Before I did this my IOmega FW400 250GB HDD was working, but now it wont show up on my PC. I can find it in devices, but I can't view it or format it or see how much space I have left.

    It doesn't work on another computer either. When I load it up on CFG Loader, it says missing partition FAT1 and on GX Loader, it says cannot be formatted for all 4 partitions (which I didnt create). Also, I formatted it before using the guiformat.exe on Can anyone help me?
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    Nvm, got it working. What I did was typed diskmgmt.msc in run and made a new simple volume for it.


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