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Thread: hack 4.3e with ntsc indiana jones ?

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    hack 4.3e with ntsc indiana jones ?

    i realy spend hours of researching before post, in fact i'm one of passive forum members there more like to read and put thanks then to post. on other side, people here are experts so i cant share anything to help anbody because of my smal knowlage about wii hack. ok, so, my title tell everything, is this possible to hack 4.3e with usa game. i try to find pal indiana jones but it was almost imposible, but usa version was not problem to bay on ebay. is it anything thet i can do ?
    tnx in advance to everybody

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    there is nothing you can do about. only the mentioned combinatoins of game and region work (without a chip in your wii or darkcorp previously installed).
    so get yu-gi-oh 5D wheelie breaker for your pal wii, kind of newer than lego indiana.
    everything what works will be implemented in the guide.
    rent/borrow/buy/friends/facebook (whatever that means)
    good luck

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    This won't work. You can't play U games on E units when they're not already softmodded (and if you attempt to do so, it may prompt yout to accept a system update relating to a U Wii onto your E Wii).

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