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Thread: Soft Mod 4.3U with Indiana Jones Help

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    Soft Mod 4.3U with Indiana Jones Help

    I'm trying to Softmod what I believe is a virgin 4.3U Wii.

    I using the Indiana Jones exploit, but it does not seem to be working.
    I have done this before on another system and it worked fine, but this time when I go talk to the guy on the podium in the Art room and move over to the change icon (the 2 silhouette's with the arrows) nothing happens the guy just stands there and lookas at me.

    The only difference between when I did it before and now is the first time I actually played the game and got to a save point, this time i just copied the PWNS file off of my SD card onto the Wii, launched the game and loaded the saved game.

    Do you actually need to play the game and get to a save point in order for the exploit to work?


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    Are you following mauifrog's 4.3 softmod guide? If so, don't you think the relevance of the question is better suited within that thread?


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