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Thread: HDD games Black screen of death

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    HDD games Black screen of death


    I have just bought a WD 500GB portable HD and formatted the drive to WBFS. The backup ISo's I have used work from the SD slot on the Wiikey Fusion - but upon choosing them from the USB loader ( software from the softmod guide ) the screen either goes to Black screen of death or I get disc error refer to wii manual.......

    I'm sure that it is a simple fix ... any ideas muchly appreciated.



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    try having a game disc in the wii, then try the usb loader again,,works for me!!! I always get a black screen or the disc error without a disc in! I also have a wiikey fusion, and had this problem for 3 days, then found that it works 100% of the time with a disc in the drive.
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    Top notch fella, works a treat......May the fun commence.


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