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Thread: Bricked my wii in less than a week!

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    Bricked my wii in less than a week!

    Softmodded, my wii, (took me 3 days), downloaded some backup games since my dvd drive doesn't work... downloaded 5 more today, ran one, ran another and it was black and white and jumping all over the place, ran a third, froze my wii on a black screen, shut it off and still black screen over and over no matter what I do its a black screen, held down reset, held down all 3 buttons at once, deleted bootmii from my sd CARD.... I don't know what else to do. I am not good at this stuff. I was so proud to backup a couple of games, I never thought I would "brick" my wii. Someone please help!.... When I softmodded it, I made a folder on my computer titled "Wii" I* think that has everything I need on it but I am not sure since I am so bad at this stuff.... Can someone please tell me what to do? P.S. in order to softmod my wii I used the lego indiana jones hack and downgraded to 4.2.

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    Have you installed Priiloader as means of 'brick-protection'? GIven the fact that your Wii is fairly new I assume you weren't able to install BootMii as boot2?

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    For One Thing Dont Ever Downgrade On Your 1st Time Hacking, That Itself Is A Risk. Its (Optional Task For A Reason)
    Hopefully You Followed A Guide Used Here, Not Youtube.
    & Can You Be Abit Clearer, To Me It Sounds Like You Rushed The Hacking Process And Didnt Even Finish Completely. Which cause your brick.

    What guide did you follow to hack your wii.

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    in order to softmod my wii I used the lego indiana jones hack and downgraded to 4.2.
    Really? What guide told you to downgrade to 4.2?? You were pointed to the 4.3 guide on this sit originally.
    You have a brand new wii that you won @ dave n busters that has a bad dvd drive in it? It seemed to work fine in the post you made about the hard drive that you bought with a bunch of games on it already.
    Either you are really bad at following directions, or just enjoy making up crap for us to answer for you.
    I really suggest that you look at this and really consider it as an option.

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    The guides here tell you to downgrade from 4.3.


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    But it doesn't tell you to downgrade to 4.2 unless the OP mistyped. I'm kind of getting the same feeling as skellinator. I've also noticed that the OP isn't that good at actually giving useful info relating to their problems either. Just a bunch of "it's broken what do I do?" posts with no real pertinent info that would help us help them. I guess it's okay to want to be spoon-feed and have someone hold your hand if you don't understand what you are doing but you need to at least give people willing to help something to go off. It's kind of like trying to help someone on their car and the best description of their problem is "It's making a weird noise" with no real description of the noise or where it's coming from.
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    This post should have been made in the bricked section. I recommend posting there with a clear description of what happened.
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    Yes the Wii is brand new, No the DVD things is not broken but I need help not to be questioned and judged therefore I simplified things... As far as the downgrade, everything was working fine for a few days, Its when I just added another few games, And unfortunatally I did follow a youtube guide. FAILTUBE LINK REMOVED I'm assuming I'm screwed.

    P.S. You don't have to make me feel bad. I obviously have no idea what I am doing and I got in over my head. I'm sorry I can't be clearer on what it is I did. I don't expect to be spoon-fed BUT I don't know how this stuff works, therefore I can't tell you what is wrong... I turn on the wii and it goes black, that's all I can tell you. I already want to cry because my brand new Wii is broken. I don't need to be made fun of on a hacking forum as well. Thanks

    Also Vinnie, yes I do have priiloder but even holding down reset I can't get to it.
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    Your not off to a good start. I have been watching this thread as I noticed the inaccuracy of your first post. Since this is a bricked Wii issue the thread was allowed to remain open. I suggest you do as Streamlinehd suggested and post in the bricked Wii section with more details. Did you install Bootmii? Did you do a nand backup? Did you install Priiloader?

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    @missyamerica -

    All resources and services on our site are provided by volunteeers from top to bottom. As you are asking members and staff to donate their time to help you, questions are to be expected. Further, if you read the site rules and guidelines, you will have learned that we do not support or assist pirates. To protect this site and keep it open to help members mod and enjoy their Wiis, both the staff and our experienced members keep an eye out for both pranksters and pirates.

    I have reviewed your posts and your appearance is consistent with that of either a pranster pirate or a representative of a Legal-Regulatory department. Your initial claim as a total novice is to have won your Wii. You posted asking about using an iPod as your hard drive, then apparently purchased a hard drive with games on it. When challenged on the piracy issue, you then claimed that only games owned were on the HDD non-owned games were deleted by the seller (!). However, when reporting the bricking series of disasters, you reported downloading games with one game as having black and white flipping screen-I doubt that you physically own an out-of-region game as a brand-new Wii owner. Further, you refer to downloading games because your DVD was nonfunctional and when challenged on that,your DVD was indeed working according to your post response.

    In your Introductory post, you received a welcome post with information and links to the guides. You reported downgrading a 4.3 Wii to 4.2; not in any of our guides as it is a foolish and unecessary action. When questioned, you then reported using a YouTube video. Pending further investigation, you are restricted to the Reading Room. That means you will not be able to make any more posts to waste our member or staff time, but you will be able to read the guides, tutorials, etc.


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